Starmix Cordless Control

Starmix Cordless Control

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Do something quickly with the cordless power tool - super practical! It's just stupid that the cordless tool can't be connected to the vacuum cleaner to activate the automatic suction. Stop it! With the unique Cordless Control (CoCo), not only mains-connected power tools but also cordless power tools with automatic start/stop can now be vacuumed. The sensor recognizes the operating status of the power tool (on or off) and transmits this via radio signal to the radio- controlled socket . This switches EVERY wired vacuum cleaner on and off automatically.

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  • Can be used universally - with any wired vacuum cleaner, any standard power tool, battery AND cable
  • Manual operation possible
  • Specially programmed for the vibration spectrum of power tools
  • Easiest pairing
  • Long battery life
  • Robust - waterproof, UV-resistant, temperature-resistant (-18 - +50 C)
  • With run-on, for complete suction